How to Differentiate Web Design And Graphic Design?


02 July, 2019

Both graphic design and logo design share a number of similarities in the field of creativity. Besides, both of these fields need a great understanding of graphics, the principles of design and the typography. But apart from these similarities, web and graphic design are different with various areas of expertise for website design Kitchener.

Web Design and Graphic Design Company:

Web design works as a dynamic medium: Comparing graphic and web design services Cambridge is like comparing a painting to an iPad. The print is the origin of graphic design. Whether it is a book or the layout of a magazine, printed materials are less interactive than the digital counterparts. But graphic design still depends on the artistic assembly of text, images, and different graphics to communicate messages or to tell stories. So, there should be some logic and flow to navigate the printed material. On the other hand, web design has the same roots. But here the main focus is how to create experiences with artistry to allow people to participate in and interact with instead of just consuming. Being a dynamic field, it is the job of a web designer to fit all the pieces of iconography and illustrations together to come up with something usable and interactive.

Web designers need to concern with file sizes and loading times: Web designing is totally about optimization. The animations, images and other important graphic elements must look good and at the same time, these should be small enough to quickly load on different devices. Longer loading time leads to high bounce rates and bad user experience. But the only time when the graphic designers don’t need to concern with loading times and file sizes.

Web designers have to be concerned about the brand application of the designs: Graphic designers mostly work within some concrete specifications. They only create square pegs that fit only one square hole. But the web designers create the pegs, which fit every hole irrespective of the shape or size without breaking or cramming the design. At the same time, web designers have to consider scales. Images, typography, and other visual elements should be scaled down or up with the screen size.

Web designers need to jump through the typography hurdles: Graphic designers are capable of use almost any type of font without worrying about how the font will be displayed in the final deliverable. But the web designers have to consider the fact how the text will be displayed in different browsers and on different screens.

Web designers closely work with web developers: A good communication skill is necessary for both web designers and graphic designers. But the web designers work closely with the web developers, who translate designs into functional codes. So, both of these professionals should have clear communication at each step to ensure the designing fulfills the intended goals. On the contrary, when it comes to logo and graphic design service Waterloo, the graphic designers work as the sole artists behind their job.

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