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    Implementing a well rounded strategy of the above elements to your digital marketing efforts will increase brand awareness, generate traffic and grow your business.

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    Web Design & Development

    For every online business, the website works as an online showroom…

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    Graphic design – Online/Print

    Resonate Marketing offers an attractive and high-quality logo and graphic design…

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    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most significant toolfor…

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    Social Media Marketing

    With the ever-increasing popularity and growth of various social networks…

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    What Is Resonate Marketing?

    Resonate Marketing is a specialized software development company operated by highly experienced and dedicated professionals. At this company, we combine the skill set of our experts along with the highly talented and expert delivery specialists, ranging from software engineers, digital marketers to business analysts. This thing has made us one of the best software companies in Kitchener Waterloo.

    Companies and entrepreneurs turn to us when they want the enterprise software, IT infrastructure and IT projects delivered within time and on budget.

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    Resonate Marketing is detail driven, when he starts a project he will always see it through to completion.

    Ashley Randall

    Resonate Marketing has provided over and above customer expectation with his services. Very punctual, very thorough and very professional at all levels of his business

    Rey Mendoza

    Resonate Marketing helped me to build my new website and design a new logo for my firm. He was dependable and conscientious and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any small to medium size firm looking to build their brand.

    Marilyn Croghan

    Resonate Marketing gets the job done, explains well and I would recommend him.

    Gail Cornwell

    Resonate Marketing is reliable aways answer your call or email.. always call to ensure that the product is working for you. He is a great business man.

    Anita Hall

    Resonate Marketing and his team created our site quickly, efficiently, ahead of schedule and on budget. The support and follow up is A+. If you are good to them they will be good to you.

    Heather Bohez

    Resonate Marketing is a hard working individual; part of his hard work included making sure we understood and were happy with the services he provided. Keep up the good work!

    Carlos Costa

    Resonate Marketing and His Company have done a great Job for Us here at Bradshaw Steel rule Dies.

    Keith Bradshaw

    Resonate Marketing is great at what he does and has really high energy. He is very inspiring and has a way of stirring up your own creativity. You always feel that you are part of the process and that your website is an extension of you and not someone else’s vision

    Ellen Cober

    Resonate Marketing has always been very professional with his work. He always under promises and over delivers! He had promised me that the project would be completed by a date and he knew we were in a hurry and he still delivered the project 3 days early. Thanks Brett!

    Mark Sharma

    Resonate Marketing is exceptionally bright man with firm, comprehensive understanding of online trends and new media do’s and don’ts. I have recommended him many times in the past and I would continue to recommend him in future as my reputation only seems to grow as I introduce him to those I’ve done business with.

    Brandon McLean

    Resonate Marketing was the account manager on the re-design project for my website. Throughout every step of the process his communication was excellent and the product was delivered in a timely manner. The final re-design of my website was launched within a quick turn around time and I was very happy with the outcome of the project. Not only was the support, ideas and communication through the project excellent but it still continues now with the site having been launched. I am appreciative of the time that has been dedicated to this project.

    Franklin Parada

    Resonate Marketing is very enthusiastic at helping his clients get the best results they need for their business. He stays extremely focused on not only the quality of the end result, but as well as the time frame and cost effectiveness of each project. The way he was able to produce such high quality results and provide the best service in the most efficient way possible was surprising and very refreshing. I would highly recommend Brett Dooley for corporate website design, upgrading your businesses online presence, or consultation for the best direction to take your online marketing plan. I will retain Brett’s services for future projects with expanding my business.

    Rob Bate